I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE MUSIC SLIDE SHOW AS MUCH AS I ENJOYED MAKING IT FOR ALL MY FRIENDS TO SEE.  It's called "the sacred fertility dance  of the Pacific Islands"


For those who come here via smart phone click the video URL below in blue

the downloadable video here     You can also download from this link 

by highlighting this file  and selecting save as.

Many people are using this download mp4 as a live wall paper on their smart phones by down loading the live wallpaper app 

from this link  by following the directions and downloading 

this video live wallpaper app    from your google play store free.

This free video wallpaper is for non commercial use only! However I do accept donations.

If  you follow the directions properly your android smart phone will have a animate beautiful naked 

South Pacific Islander  hula girl performing the famous fertility dance, I phone has similar apps, enjoy.


Many Friends Have Been Asking So Politely

For permission To Have My Double Vagina

Picture As A Background Picture For

  Their Cell Phones It's Ok With Me So

Here You Go Download And Enjoy...


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